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MS Agent Script Reader

[I would be so surprised if this would work in Netscape]

not sure if this is entirely legal, seems kind of questionable


just click on one of the links below, you will be automatically prompted to install some stuff (microsoft agent control, text-to-speech engine) the link page is dynamically generated so it might be a couple 100k as well


you might go to this test page 1st, to make sure it is working


Presidential Debate 9/30/2004

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The Blind Date (by Master AW)


EJB vs COM+ Debate


AngryCoder - The VB.NET Hillbillies


All Your Base Are Belong To Us


The mountain beat me up ... but I'll be back (Denver)



Great White Casey Goes 2 Canada

Thanksgiving Eve, Toronto Airport (txt)

Thanksgiving, Fredercton (txt)

Friday, Saint John (txt)

Saturday, Saint John (txt)

Sunday, Montreal and New York (txt)


Casey Does Manhattan ... just like the muppets

conversation excerpts (txt)


Presidential Debate 10/12/2000

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Aaron'sBBQquestions (this is something a friend wrote which i scriptified)

FogoDeChao (this is a script i wrote a long time ago)


StevenChat (transcript of an AIM chat session)

StevenChatOriginal (read the other 1st, original transcript of an AIM chat session)


The Stripper Trilogy

TwentyFive (Part 1) (kc gets a call at his parents house)

TwentyFive (Part 2) (the death of john)

TwentyFive (Part 3) (kc goes over to his stripper's house)


the matrix


the matrix (intro and trinity chase scene)

the matrix (follow the white rabbit)

the matrix (neo escape from work attempt)

the matrix (neo interrogation)

the matrix (debugging neo)

the matrix (welcome to the real world)

the matrix (he is going to pop)

the matrix (i know kung fu)

the matrix (jump scene)

the matrix (emp)

the matrix (cypher and neo talk)

the matrix (trip to oracle)

the matrix (oracle)

the matrix (dejavu)

the matrix (morpheus is captured)

the matrix (blah blah blah)

the matrix (betrayed)

the matrix (neos plan and morpheus interrogation)

the matrix (lobby shootout)

the matrix (subway fight)

the matrix (i knew he was the one)

pulp fiction


pulp fiction (coffee shop)

pulp fiction (hash bars and foot massages)

pulp fiction (we should have shotguns for this)

pulp fiction (butch and marsellus)

pulp fiction (vincent at lances)

pulp fiction (vincent and mia)

pulp fiction (saving mia's life)

pulp fiction (captain koons monologue)

pulp fiction (butch kills his opponent)

pulp fiction (butch and esmerelda)

pulp fiction (butch and fabian)

pulp fiction (butch runs into marsellus on the street)

pulp fiction (bring out the gimp)

pulp fiction (zeds dead, marvins dead)

pulp fiction (dead nigger storage)

pulp fiction (the wolf)

pulp fiction (junkyard)

pulp fiction (bad motherfucker)


this works by running an ASP page

the ASP page parses the movie scripts i downloaded from http://www.dailyscript.com

the only modifications to the scripts involved chopping them into scenes due to the fact that their are only a limited number of agents available to be used as characters in the scenes


agents seem like they would be more popular ... but they arent

i do actually have an idea for how to use an agent on one of my other sites

and plan on implementing that soon

generally, i have too many ideas and not enough time to work on them

this is just a different interface i started playing around with

no guarantees (the pulp fiction script wont work at all)


select script:


select chapter:


character mappings:

squidge (troll) narrator and misc. characters


peedy (green bird)


merlin (magician)


genie (genie)


robby (robot)