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this web service wraps an instance of MSN messenger that is running on my server. you can use it to send instant messages to other MSN messenger users (kind of like a lame preview of the notification service for the .NET HailStrom). from the test page, select the AnonymousSendMessageNonSoap method. as a test, if you are logged into Messenger, set yourself as the buddy (e.g. YourAccount@hotmail.com), and send yourself a message. you can also choose AnonymousConversationNonSoap to send to more than one person at once by using a comma separated list. i figure i will use it to notify me when critical exceptions are thrown in code i have written


MSN Messenger Web Service



-the message will be sent as the default user on the server 'evil_mess@hotmail.com'

-the service can send messages to people without being in their buddy list

-the service cannot send to people whom have blocked the account the service is running as

-people whom you send messages to will not be able to respond to you (unless you include yourself in the conversation) ... they will be responding to the default account of the service

-you can only have a conversation with 4 people, that is a restriction of Messenger, not the service


i have setup an auto responder that responds to individuals that reply to the web service account. you can view the messages that they send here:


Auto Responder Received Messages


i can set it up so that a user's credentials can be passed in, which allows a person to respond to a live human, but that is a race condition on the server such that only one user can be logged into Messenger at the same time ... not reliable


there are a whole lot of DCOM issues with this one. i might be able to get around most of the issues by setting the account to appear 'offline' on the application itself, but that would reduce the # of messages the responder would get :( ping me on Messenger if you are having problems, my account is 'kcchesnut@hotmail.com'