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these are a set of web services for accessing Newsgroups / NNTP Servers. wrote this because port 119 (default NNTP port) is blocked where i am contracting. using web services, i can write a client to make http port 80 requests to my home server (which does not have port 119 blocked), have my home server make the NNTP request using these services, and send the response back to me as XML over HTTP (SOAP). this can also be used for people to leverage newsgroups on their own web pages, instead of having to redirect people to outlook express or deja.com (now google groups).


the services default to my local news server, and i have default values for most of the methods, so you can pretty much hit 'invoke' to get some sort of value returned for testing purposes.


NewsGroups Web Services


for further testing, you can create a group on my own News server ( port 119), and then access the server using a traditional newsreader client like outlook express


i am always accessing the .NET newsgroups on these public news servers:





a great list of free news servers are here: NewsServers.net